I've been a people-first problem solver for six years, and I love it. 

My desire to understand human behavior, solve problems creatively and imagine possible realities brought me to design through the path of medicine (unconventional, I know – ask me about it!). I design to shape the future of education, relationships, and health & wellness, all aspects of humanity that excite me. 

Aside from a designer, I'm also a dog-mom to Zara, a proud woman of color, and a life-long maker and adventurer. I get the most joy from long conversations with loved ones, learning new creative skills, slowing down for self-care days, playing strategy board games, and appreciating the beautiful small moments.  


I have five core design values.

💛 Empathy: Put effort towards understanding perspectives different than your own. 
🌱  Growth: Approach challenges and opportunity with humility and drive to learn. 
👥  Community: Establish meaningful relationships rooted in trust, respect, and gratitude.
🌎 Representation: Strive for diverse voices at every table where decisions are made.
💭 Intention: Move, act, and create with meaning towards a shared vision. 

Social impact and diversity are important to me. 

I believe humans have the responsibility to give back to our communities and take care of this beautiful earth. Aside from work as a designer, I've made a lifelong commitment to play an active role in both diversity and sustainability – continuing to learn, act, educate, and reflect.

Presenting a company-wide townhall for GoPro's Diversity and Inclusion ERG.
Organizing the GoPro Climate Action Group to attend the 2019 SF Climate March.
Leading a STEM workshop for The Social Engineering Project, a local nonprofit.

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