Hello, I'm Radha! 👋 

Hello, I'm Radha! 👋 

Hello, I'm Radha! 👋 

I've been a people-first problem solver for seven years. My desire to build relationships, understand people, and take on complex ideas brought me to UX Design. 

Professionally, I've designed for brands like GoPro, Disney, and Hard Rock Cafe. I pursued my Masters in HCI at Carnegie Mellon, before which I was mostly self-taught with a background in microbiology. When I'm not working, I enjoy immersing myself in my many hobbies, hanging with my dog Zara, and adventuring mindfully.


Social Impact, Diversity, and Community are important to me. 

I full-heartedly believe designers have the power to incrementally revolutionize the world. So, I pro-actively contribute to my communities. In addition to my work at GoPro, I served as a DIB Force Chair, founded the organization's first Climate Action group, and designed a STEM workshop for a local non-profit, The Social Engineering Project. 


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