Florida Hospital Training Center

Making it simpler for healthcare providers to receive and renew their AHA certifications

Context      Purple, Rock, Scissors - Client Project
Timeline     4 month, May to August 2016
Client          Florida Hospital
Team           Melissa Dimayuga, Matt Eagle, Dean Wagman



Feeling the Pain of Bad Information Architecture 

Florida Hospital Training Center (FHTC) administers courses for local healthcare providers to receive and renew certifications required to do their job. Their website serves as a portal for students to enroll in these courses, and for FHTC administrators to coordinate each session. However their current system was as a quick fix add-on to an existing Drupal Site - leading to confusing and painstaking experience for students and admins alike. So they came to our team to help streamline their workflow and website experience.


How might we streamline the AHA certification experience for FHTC's students, instructors, and administrators?


A Customized Web Portal for a Consistent Enrollment and Class Management

Through contextual inquiry methods to understand users workflows and a heuristic evaluation on their current Drupal solution, we identified an opportunity to drastically improve the experiences of both administrators through better Information Architecture and creating simple screen flows to accomplish user's goals.

The new system features three main sections outlined below. 


Student Class Finder

Course content was given consistent structure and heirarchy across the site and the registration was simplified so students can find view information when it's most relevant in the registration flow.



Student Certification Portal

Push e-mailed were designed to bring students to their designated student portal when one of their current certifications needs to be renewed. They can view all their certifications, enroll in any renewal courses, and view their upcoming enrollments.


Admin Class Management

In efforts to get ride of 'spreadsheet management', the portal had an admin side where FHTC administrators and instructors could add new class sessions, easily modify class content, and manage individual session enrollments to give real-time updates to student certifications.


Full Process Case Study - Coming Soon!

This case study for the project is still in progress!

In the meantime, check out the process sneak peek!

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