The Florida Hospital Training Center Portal makes it simpler for healthcare providers to review and renew their AHA certifications. 


Florida Hospital
(now Advent Health)


1 Project Manager
1 UX Strategist
3 Developers


UX Strategist


How might we streamline the AHA certification experience for students, instructors, and administrators?

Florida Hospital Training Center (FHTC) administers courses for local healthcare providers to receive certifications required to do their job. Their website allows students to enroll and admins to coordinate session outcomes. However, their current system was unorganized resulting in a lot of spreadsheet management and redundant work. They came to our team to help streamline their workflow for their students and admin staff.


A Custom Web Portal for Enrollment and Class Management

FHTC could more easily manage course information and student enrollments on their site. The structured content management system, automated system reminders, and real-time grading features were significant improvements to their previous spreadsheet-heavy workflow. For students, we organized information to make enrollment quick and straightforward. 

Student Class Finder

Students can easily find the course information and details when it's most relevant in the registration flow.


Student Certification Portal

Students receive email reminders to renew their certifications when they are about to expire. In their portal account, they can view their certifications, enroll in courses, and see their upcoming classes.

Admin Class Management

Admins can easily update course info and class outcomes to renew student certifications in realtime. 


Full Case Study Coming Soon

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